MR: So Marc can you please tell us little bit about your history in dnb & how you got into it?

N: Hi guys, thanks for having me! It dates back to around 2011-2012, that's when I first started listening to Drum & Bass,
mostly through the research of electronic music artists on various forums and on Youtube.
At the time I was DJ'ing Dubstep in the Blue Mountains and I mean the stuff that people would call "Brostep" now,
so I think it was always going to be a natural progression when discovering new music. 

My friends and I used to DJ at outdoor parties that we set up in the middle of the bush when we were 16-17 years old
and it was actually a good friend of mine Luka aka Akul now based in Sydney who was the guy mixing Deep & dark Drum & Bass at our parties,
so I would say that listening to his sets at these gigs was the first proper introduction to DNB.

The first few Drum & Bass artists I discovered were Pendulum, Spor, Noisia & Alix Perez, I became quite interested in this genre of music that I had never heard of before,
it was incredibly fast and so different to what I had been mixing at the time. It was really exciting!

MR: Nice one, I've discovered that Pendulum was a gateway for alot of people including myself. Do you have a particular artist which you draw inspiration from at the moment?

N: Choosing a single artist that i draw inspiration from is a difficult task but my answer would be Fre4knc from the Netherlands,
his releases are quality and he manages to combine every element that I love about Drum & Bass into his music.
The highly intricate drum patterns and rolling basslines are incredibly inspiring and I have a lot of respect for that dude... absolutely killing it at the moment, big ups. 

MR: What about general tunage, anything you've been vibing on lately?

N: Lately I've been feeling that dark half time vibe, anything released on Noisia's sub label Division or 20/20 has been making it's way into my sets and the reaction has been great.
There's quite a few artists that I'm really enjoying at the moment and consistently produce great music..... M-Zine & Scepticz, Dauntless, Homemade Weapons, Lockjaw, Signal, Tsuruda, Bredren.... the list goes on! 

MR: Good to see a few Aussie artists pop up in that list too! What has been your favorite gig you've been to in the past year?

N: This one will be hard to top..... I went to see Squarepusher's live show at the Opera House in 2016 as part of the Vivid Live festival in Sydney
and that was easily the most intense and amazing experience at an event so far. The audio & visual assault was very real and I highly recommend checking him out next time he is over!

MR: And last but not least, what has been you favourite Monarch Records release/Tune?

N: There's been some seriously great releases so far..... but my favourite is Xsetra's EP consisting of 3 tracks and some of the best production you will hear!
Ed is on another level with his music, keep up the great work mate.

MR: One more question, Any shout outs and thanks you have?

N: I would like to give a massive shout out to everyone who has attended a gig of mine in the time that I've been playing in Sydney the past 5 years,
playing to you guys is the reason I'm so incredibly happy to be doing what I love.

To Breakneck, Haunted Science, Monarch Records & the Bondi Beach Radio crews thank you so much for your ongoing support!