Bigups Liam, & welcome to the Monarch family. How's it going?

S: Good, been recovering from a cold so it's been a lazy week.

MR: So Liam can you tell us about the realworld person behind Strafe. (Where you live, what you do for work/study, & what you do for fun)

S: Sure! I live in Wollongong and study a Bachelor of Digital Media at the university here. In my spare time I'm usually gaming, working on music
or up in Sydney for DnB nights.

MR:Console or Master Race?

S: Both but mainly PC.

MR:What games do you mainly indulge in?

S: Recently been playing the Quake Champions beta and Half Life 2 Deathmatch, though I'm looking forward to Diabotical, Forza 7 and the next Need for

MR: How and When did you get into\discover DnB? What other genres do you like listening to?

S: I discovered DnB through Triple J when they had "Hold Your Colour" as their feature album, but I didn't really get into it till the following
year. That was when I started listening to mixes and the stuff from Playaz. Other genres I've been really enjoying lately are techno, garage, trip
hop, vaporwave and ambient.

MR: Yeah i find alot of younger Australain headz gateway into DnB was Pendulum, for me personally it was a mixture of Pendulum, Liquid DnB & Jump up.
So you've been listening to DnB now for almost a decade, What are some of the standout tunes/moments for you over this time?

S: Hazards "Busted" and Original Sins "Say" solidified my interest in DnB so definitely those two. Original Sins album "Grow Your Wings" was huge
for me as I was massively into his stuff and it presented a different style that he can produce and execute very well. Also, I was extremely happy
when Original Sin released "Suffer No Fools" as I had been waiting years since first hearing that monster. Chase & Status' "More Than
Alot" was huge too, not only did it have iconic tracks which are still being rinsed today but it had dubstep and was released at a time when it
was really gaining traction popularity wise. Evol Intents "Era of Diversion" I loved because it was brilliantly dark but it fused DnB elements
into other genres, really opening me up to other styles when I was listening to DnB pretty much exclusively. The Brookes Brothers self titled
album on release I loved a few tunes, but since then every tune has grown on me which I didn't expect since my taste in DnB tends to be heading
in a deeper sounding direction. For more recent releases, Resos, LSBs and Rawtekks albums I have been thoroughly enjoying.

MR: So following your massive debut release on Monarch can you tell us a bit about the tunes and where you take your influence from?

S: So I used to really like jump up and would kind of priorotise it during sets. About a year ago my taste in DnB shifted to deeper stuff but
there were aspects of jump up I still liked such as pacing and its wonky feeling. So basically to make tunes that feel a little trippy with
massive emphasis on sub bass was the idea behind my EP. Annix, Jam Thieves, Signal and Arkaik were massive influences on my solo tracks. 
"Solipsist" basically started off with Dan and I discussing how much we loved "Kravitz" by Bass Brothers and "Time Tripping" and we went from

MR: Yeah that Subby/Minimal jump up is a vibe. I think the switch over the last few years has been refreshing for jump up, at the same time though its
 managed to get more obnoxious and crazy aswell.
Do you have a favorite jump up DJ/Set that you've caught in Sydney?

S: Hype at Chinese Laundry smashed it last year. He played a bunch of Hazard and Annix dubs I never thought I'd hear and it was especially
great that I was supporting one of my idols that night.

MR: So can we expect any jump up from you in the coming years?

S: Yeah probably, if its obnoxious you can bet it's gonna be wonky though.

MR: Excellent! So how long have you been producing for?

S: I picked up Ableton 8 years ago and have slowly been producing throughout that time.

MR: Whats your favorite Monarch release?

S: Tough call, but I think it'd be Struz's "Bounce Rhythm / Bubblin" release. "Bounce Rhythm" is a heavy, subby track I love playing and Monako's
remix of "Bubblin" is an absolutely mental half time tune, perfect to switch things up a bit. Special mention to Ncrypt's release as
well, both tunes are amazing.

MR: Last but not least, Any last words?

S: Shout outs to the Monarch crew, Klaus for being an absolute beast at what he does. All the Sydney and Wollongong DnB family that have helped me
progress to where I am now and anyone who's ever watched me play, playing to you guys is the most enjoyable thing for me. Big ups Bass Drop, 
Breakneck, and Tech and Bass crews. 

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