MR: Well Neil welcome to the Monarch Family.

T: Thanks a lot for having me on board guys! Its a pleasure to release something with you.

MR: Anytime mate, So you've been real busy lately on the back of a set at Cross Club in Prague to be topped with a set at Let it Roll. How was that for your first europe shows/ Festival?

T: The first 2 shows were absolutely mental, Like nothing I have ever experienced before really....Cross club was packed and a great experience to finally play there...I think the set is also going to be uploaded on DnB Portal shortly. But Let it roll warm up in Kufstein Austria was completely sold out by midnight and it was just insane...For myself, Counterstrike & Volume, plus you couldn't move in there.

Let it roll was absolutely amazing, What a weekend spent with familiar faces, lots of new faces and my management in Cybergroove Agency...

©Audiocoretex/Qwest, Kufstein Austria

©Audiocoretex/Qwest, Kufstein Austria

Absolutely cannot wait to do that again...I recommend to anybody that hasn't experienced it to go...The stages, the people, the vibes & that opening show is something else.

MR: Yeah from what I've seen online the production is insane, and there is a good amount of variety across multiple stages.

T: Oh most definitely man....Madhouse was definitely my fav stage just for the sound and the intensity there.

MR:What about favorite set of the festival?

T: That's a tough one, but I would have to say my top 5 were definitely...Killbox, Mefjus, Akov, Zombie Cats, Bad company

MR: Definitely a strong list of artists. So with this release you decided to change things up a little and gave us a nice Half time Thumper with the track Thumper (Hehe). What was your influence for this tune?

T: I have been a little on that halftime tip lately (As you know with Realms beginning) so I wanted to experiment a little and do something I haven't done yet....As for influence I don't think I took any particular influence for this tune just basically had an idea and just let my creativity do the rest!

MR: Nice one, It's nice when things fall into place! As for Realms that's a side project you've started with your brother. Is there much in the pipeline for that?

T: Yeah most certainly man and I guess writing all this halftime/hip hop stuff really brings out more creativity with my neurofunk in the end.

At the moment we are writing a debut EP which I have had great feedback on from producers here in Europe...And then I guess finding a solid home for it and getting it heard!

Also I think our debut show together as Realms is going to be at a nice northern NSW festival in Nov.

MR: Awesome! Will have to keep my eyes peeled for that one. With the B side to this release on Monarch, the tune is Supernova with Sick Cycle from NZ. How'd you guys get in touch for this tune? Were you able to get some studio time in or was it done via the net?

T: I was over in NZ at the time doing a few shows last year and I hit up Westy to lock in some studio time...And this is what come of it ??. A lot of the sounds in this track were also made using his Moog sub 37 which was so nice to finally get to use one...Now I want one so bad haha.

MR: The gear envy is real!

T: Yeah haha plan is to get one as soon as I can!

MR: I think a lot of our followers will be interested to know Sick Cycle slid a few tracks into our inbox too ;)

T: That's awesome! They are great producers who have been in the NZ scene for a while and are very underrated that's for sure.

MR: Yep, and they keep churning out quality tunes too.

T: Great guys also.

MR: Back on to your production, Who are some of your influences when it comes to producing?

T: I would definitely have to say guys who have been true pioneers to the scene like Optiv, cause4concern, noisia....All the way to the dons of today like Mefjus, Malux, Agressor bunx etc.

MR: Nice, How long have you been producing for? You used to be in a band back in the day. has this helped you with what you're doing these days?

T: For music production altogether about 5 years but DnB specifically going on almost 3 years.

Yeah that certainly helped in a big way already knowing melody and structure of a song really made it faster to learn.

MR: Only 3 years on DnB! it's going to be awesome to see where you're at in another 3!

T: Haha yeah man...I came over to DnB towards the end of 2014...And now cannot get enough of it!!

MR: Now you're stuck with it forever ha.

T: I wouldn't have it any other way.

MR: Do you have a  favorite Monarch Records Release?

T:  I would have to say Xsetra EP was (Fire Emoji)

MR: Well Neil thanks for the chat. So last but not least any last words or shout outs?

T: Not a problem at all Todd! My pleasure....Yeah I would like to shout out to everybody that has made this current European tour possible and all the new friends I've met along the way...

You guys (Monarch), Cybergroove team, Lexa, Mike Kryptomedic, Denis, Scott,, Kinetik, Red Light, Sinuous, Audiocoretex, Let it roll crew, Akov, Zombie Cats, Highscore Vienna, Underground culture Budapest, Lifesize MC, Multiplex, Bassbuss Munich, james marvel, counterstrike, Malux, All the Aussie friends I caught up with at LIR & last but not least all the fans/listeners for making this real.

See you all back in Aus in October!

MR: Nice juan, Thanks brosef.

T: No worries at all man thank you!!